My name is Mark, a second year master student in Chemical Engineering. This year I will be representing the function of Chairman of G.T.D. Bernoulli, as you probably expected when visiting this page.

As the chairman of G.T.D. Bernoulli, you will carry the responsibility to keep the association running and thriving. This is performed in a variety of ways. First of all, you keep up with everything related to the associated and the Chemical Engineering bachelor and master, as well as the current state of affairs from the university itself and other study associations. This is mainly performed by staying in contact with the students, and attend meetings with the faculty, other boards and student parties.
In addition, to keep the association running internally, you host meetings with the other board members and commitees regarding the updates within the association itself, and the tasks related to the functions of the board members and committees.
In addition to this, you will also host General Members Meetings, to present the members an overview of the current state of affairs and the matters occured between the General Members Meetings.

While the tasks and responsibilities described above are mainly a day to day, or weekly occurance, as an association and the chair of the association, there is a greater common thread that will play throughout the entire year. G.T.D. Bernoulli is first and foremost dedicated to helping our members from the Chemical Engineering study and department in various aspects. For instance, offering study and carreer help and opportunities, but of course also by making the association a place were the members can bond and socialize, to create a pleasant environment where everyone can be a part of.
This can only be performed by making an initial year plan, and following the statutes, rules and regulations, and the greater multi-year plan of Bernoulli.
The initial year plan, also known as the policy plan is written together with your board members, and describes an overview of potentially new and exciting ideas and concepts your board thinks will be benificial to the association on a greater scale, during the year.
For this policy plan, as the chairman, you will be responsible for executing this plan, for which it is essential to stay in a tight-knit connection with the other members of the board to ensure their functioning and well-being.

To further ensure that the association keeps running and improving, it is essential to knows about the developments surrounding the faculty and University. This is done by attending the regular meetings with the other boards of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the general Faculty Board to discuss about their plans and current state of affairs. By doing so, events and ideas that could be beneficial to the study associations are being shared, and possibly implemented on a greater level. But also, new and innovative ideas and events could come up from other associations which you can then implement as well. 

While maintaining and improving the association itself is, needless to say, important, the Chemical Engineering programme itself is of great importance as well. You will be improving the overall education of the programme by attending meetings with the staff of the Chemical Engineering programme, as well as academic advisors and the programme director. In these meetings he overal curriculum, courses and potential improvements are discussed. By being directly in contact with the students, this offers you a great overview of how the students experience the courses and programme itself, which you can then voice out to the people who can improve the programme, solving problems that students might have, or giving positive feedback about recent changes that were made.

While all of this might sound like a heavy burden to carry, of course you will not be doing this on your own! The tasks and achievements gained to keep Bernoulli running are greatly to thank to the collaboration and connection other board members, the great committees and overall the members of the association itself. While as a chair you are mainly the face of Bernoulli, the other members association itself play the greatest role in keeping the association together!