BGA 2018

BGA: Bernoulli Goes Abroad!

After the big succes of Thailand 2016, G.T.D. Bernoulli will depart for another fantastic international study trip with about 20 student in 2018! The aim of this trip is to get students acquainted with the chemical industry and universities in a different continent, but also let them experience a different culture. The study trip committee "BGA 2018” will work towards the realization of this trip in the coming period to ensure it will be a big success! BGA 2018 consists of the following chemical engineers:

BGA: Committee members

A. (Arne) Hommes Chairman
M. (Martine) Schouten Hoogendijk Secretary/Business relations
T. (Taco) Tjalma Treasurer
A.J. (Arjan) ter Horst Business relations

Case study

> 2 Students

> 140 hours per student

> Supervision from RuG professors

> Students receive credits (5 ECTS)

The offered case study is an independent assignment that will be executed by a team of two students (Master or PhD) on a specific topic and amounts 140 hours per person (total 280 hours). The case studies will be performed between September 2017 and June 2018; the specific time can be established upon agreement. The students will be selected  by an application procedure and deployed on the project they are most suited for.

The quality of the case study is increased by coupling with the university: the students receive credits (5 ECTS) for successfully completing the project. During the execution of the case study regular progress meetings will be held with one or more of the supervising professors. Besides that, Prof Francesco Picchioni from the University of Groningen is appointed as coordinating supervisor.

For each team the case study results will be established in a scientifically written report and there will be a final presentation at the company (and optionally at the university). Our students are very excited to start with the case studies. If you are interested or would like to receive more information, please contact us.

Case studies 2016

To fund the trip to Thailand in 2016, case studies were done for the following companies: Corbion, AkzoNobel, Delamine, Sabic and Zeolyst. All assignments were performed successfully and both the students as the companies were satisfied. Experiences from the participating companies can be found at Case studies 2015-2016.


If you have any inspiring ideas for the trip or you just want to receive some more information, please contact one of us! Kind regards of the BGA committee.


Bernoulli Goes Abroad 2018

Studievereniging G.T.D. Bernoulli

9747 AG Groningen

Phone 1: +316 12 23 49 46 (Arjan ter Horst)

Phone 2: +316 47 30 91 53 (Martine Schouten Hoogendijk)           



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