Dear Bernoullians,

It’s almost time again! The Bernoulli Symposium of 2021 is coming up!
On Thursday May 6th, Bernoulli is organising a symposium with the theme: The Future of Fuels.
During this symposium a closer, and refreshing look is taken at the current state of fossil fuels, and how this could change in the future.  Both speakers from academics, as well as companies will be present to discuss their research, possibilities and plans for improvements of the current state of fuel. Many aspects will be covered during the symposium, from developments in the transport sector, to energy storage and the production of new types of fuel for instance. With each aspect, the opportunities and challenges associated with them will be discussed as well.

In total 4 speakers will give a lecture on various aspects of the development and possible future of fuels.
The event starts at 10:30, and will end with a panel discussion between the speakers and the public.

If that doesn’t make you curious already, FREE diner vouchers will be given out to all participants!

So what’s the wait for, sign up now, free of charge and get to know what the future will hold for us!

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