Bernoulli Symposium is one of the most important educational events from the Chemical Engineer perspective supported by a student association. The event is not restricted to only students, but any staff or person interested in the topic can join and participate in the talks and lectures. The Bernoulli symposium is a very popular event and presents the hot topic of the moment in the chemical engineer society.

The committee is responsible for organizing the yearly symposium. The event allows students to get in touch with the current challenges faced by science and industry.  With a group of 4 people, you will get in contact with professors, other universities, industries and possible with governmental institutes. Some of your tasks will involve; choosing the theme of the symposium, planning a day full of lectures (with the famous delicious lunch) and organizing a reception at the end to promote interaction of speakers and audience. Don’t worry you will not be alone, we GTD Bernoulli and previous committees that have been involved with symposium will give you the necessary support to have a successful event.

Joining the symposium committee is a great opportunity to improve your personal skills, get more involved with our student association and meet potential new employers.

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