Aaldrik Haijer

Aaldrik Haijer

Operational aspects of hydrogen production, distribution and usage

In his talk, Aaldrik Haijer, will present operational aspects on industrial methods for generating hydrogen, point out some of the available usage of hydrogen and possible approaches of distribution according to the actual scenario. Furthermore, due to the relevance of the topic, the context of hydrogen in the Dutch energy transition will be highlighted together with significant considerations and the latest insights from Water Energy Solutions as well as on a national scale. 

Aaldrik Haijer is Managing Director and founder of Water Energy Solutions. The company focuses on energy efficiency and energy strategy for big industrial parties, (waste)water companies, energy companies and the public sector. The endeavor of the company involves customized high-quality assistance leading to efficient operations and a sustainable future, systematic approach and practical experience to obtain optimal performance aiming process optimization and analytical skills combined with good business sense generating process innovation.

Because the people working at Water Energy Solutions are involved in projects within the gates of a production location as well as outside the gates, profound knowledge is present in combination with an integral overview of what is possible and impossible in the near future. It is remarkable to mention that Aaldrik is part of the G.T.D. Bernoulli history. As external Affairs and Vice-Chairman, Aaldrik Haijer was part of the board of G.T.D. Bernoulli 2006 - 2007.

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