Annelie Jongerius

Towards an electrochemical technology platform for the conversion of CO2 and biomass derived substrates


Annelie Jongerius


Zekeringstraat 29, 1014BV Amsterdam, the Netherlands


In order to decrease our dependence on fossil resources as a source for chemicals and materials a transition to renewable alternatives is required. At Avantium, next to catalytic biomass conversion we believe that electrochemistry will play an important role in the future. For several years now, Avantium has been using our existing knowledge and technology on catalyst research to develop pathways to electrochemically convert carbon dioxide and biomass derived substrates into building blocks for materials.

In November 2016, Avantium acquired Liquid Light, a Princeton 2009 start-up that has developed proprietary process technology to make major chemicals from CO2. By combining the technologies of both Avantium and Liquid Light, Avantium is now one of the world’s leading owners of carbon dioxide electrolysis related intellectual property. Currently, the Liquid Light technology platform is being further developed into an integrated process for the production of high-value C2 chemicals from CO2. By participating in several European consortia such as RECODE, OCEAN, CELBICON and TERRA we are able to focus on the integration of tandem electrolysis and the scaling up of our CO2 reduction technology. The development of integrated CO2 reduction processes takes place on actual industrial sites by integrating CO2 capture, purification and pressurization technology into a single process line. 

Annelie Jongerius

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