Dr. Peter Bruinenberg: Biobased and circular economy: Avebe perspective

Biobased and circular economy: Avebe perspective

Dr. Peter Bruinenberg, Avebe

Avebe is a cooperative of ca. 2500 starch-potato growers focused on the market. Avebe factories are located in The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden and Avebe. Traditionally we only focused on extracting starch from potatoes. However, by developing innovative methods we now also extract proteins from potatoes that are intended for the food industry. Beside many different food products derived from starch and protein Avebe also produces for non-Food markets such as paper, textile, building and adhesives industries. Coproducts such as potato fibres and part of our protein and juice concentrates are used as Feed.

As the world largest producer of potato starch the related concepts of biobased and circular economy influence our operation. The issues and opportunities associated with the large scale use of biomass is subject of the presentation. The presentation takes the view where in a circular economy the production of the starch potatoes is the start and end of Avebe perspective. Use of Avebe products in a biobased economy may have large benefits for the company and society. However, todays regulations and policies do not promote the use of our products in a biobased economy.

In conclusion for Avebe a circular and biobased economy may hold many opportunities.