Wim Raaijen

The shortest cycle

At the end most of our energy is coming from the sun. Fossil feedstock and fuels are a detour of millions of years, to make use of this solar source. For biomass the conversion takes at least a season. A much faster route from solar energy to fuels or feedstock is electrochemistry. It enables a future of harvesting chemicals from the air or water. It also will have a perfect match with the upcoming rise of green power. Key to the energy transition is the conversion from electrons into molecules and vice versa. And carbon dioxide will probably change from problem into solution. 

You may say Wim Raaijen is one of the softest engineer in the Netherlands. As a technology philosopher (graduated at Universiteit Twente), he started off as a science an technology journalist. He now owns media company Industrielinqs in Amsterdam with a number of professional magazines, conferences, news sites and film productions. He focuses on industry, infrastructure, maintenance and sustainable production. And is the author of a book about proactive coalitions in which he describes how companies and other organizations work together to achieve common goals, for example in the field of innovation and sustainability. Wim Raaijen is also the organizer of the annual Enlightenmentz of the Year awards; the nominees at this event introduce sustainable alternatives in an innovative and fun way. 

Wim Raaijen

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