Current board


The board of G.T.D. Bernoulli consists of four people: Mark Eling (Chairman), Amanda Tiffany Hendra (Secretary), Roelf Maring (Treasurer) and Dani Wu (Business Relations/Vice-Chairman). The board keeps the association running and organizes monthly activities related to business and education.


f.l.t.r. Dani Wu (Business relations), Amanda Hendra (Secretary), Mark Eling (Chairman), Roelf Maring (Treasurer)


Chairman - Mark Eling

Function description

As chairman your main task is to lead the board and make sure that board tasks are performed well. Before a board meeting you are the person who prepares the agenda and determines what will be discussed during this meeting. You lead the General Members Meetings which are organised four times a year. Besides the board meetings and GMMs, as chairman you have contact with others chairs during the SAM meetings, discuss the Bachelor and Master programme during he so-called Vierhoek-meetings and have contact with the U-raad parties. The chairman is also a member of the education committee, to mention the things that are discussed during the Vierhoek-meetings.

Besides these meetings, another important task of the chairman is to keep in contact with members. It is important that you know what is going on in the association and what are the wishes of the members. Attending activities and coffee hours is one of the main tasks of being a chairman.

About Mark:

Hey! My name is Mark Eling and I am 23 years old. I'm born in Zuidlaren, a village located between Groningen and Assen. Last year I finished my first  year of my Master Chemical Engineering, after doing my Bachelor here in Groningen as well. Next year I will start my Master Research. I like to play football and watching sport and series. And of course I like to go out with friend and drink in the amazing city cente of Groningen. I am really happy to be part of the 38th board of G.T.D. Bernoulli, and I'm looking forward to meet you at one of our activities which we organise throughout the year. I'm always available for a cup of coffee or for a beer of course. I hope to see you soon! 


Secretary - Amanda Tiffany Hendra

Function description

The secretary is like the mechanic of the association; you keep the association running as smoothly as possible. Sometimes you need to do organizational maintenance, but sometimes you need to build a new system to make your job and other board's job a bit easier. You will be the first point of contact for new people who will join the association, so you get to get acquainted with many people. You will also get a chance to express your creative writing through the monthly members mailing or through the wacky emails you're going to write to the other brother or sister associations. 

Through being a secretary, you will learn a lot about working systemically and figuring out the best and most efficient way to do certain tasks!

About Amanda:

Salam perhimpunan! 
My name is Amanda, and I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. You might know me as the one who sends you member's mailing every month. I'm currently in the last year of my Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, and hopefully I can continuing my master's degree here as well. You might spot me either in the study landscape in Bernoulliborg or the lounge chugging some energy drink. During my spare time, I like to watch all kinds of movies and TV shows or binge read mangas. After being on the board of Bernoulli - I grew pretty fond of beer, so hit me up if you want to grab a drink or talk about some movie recommendations! 


Treasurer - Roelf Maring

Function description

My task as treasurer of G.T.D. Bernoulli will be to keep an eye on the budget and making sure that money is spent when possible and needed. This means paying incoming bills and sending bills to companies cooperating with G.T.D. Bernoulli. In addition to this, I am responsible for collecting fees from members for activities and consumptions. 

One of the most important things to do is bookkeeping. This ensures that during the year you have a clear overview of income and outcome. By keeping track of income and outcome, it is easier to steer the flow of money in directions that need more spending and cutting the budget of things that might be overspending. This all happens in accordance with the budget approved at the General members meeting.  At General members meetings, the budget progress is shown and approved by the members. Additionally, there is an Audit committee which checks every month on the income and expenditure of the association.

About Roelf:

Hey! My name is Roelf and I'm from Scharmer. You might not know it but its a small town 10 km away from Groningen. Currently I'm in my second year of the PhD in high-temperature electrochemical engineering in the group of Vasilis Kyriakou. In my sparetime I like to play sports like football, cycling and fitness and play some guitar. I really like to be part of Bernoulli, because its a great way to meet new people and everyone from the chemicel engineering department. So if you ever want to hang out come join us in the lounge. See you soon!


Business Relations - Dani Wu

Function description

As Business Relations you represent the association to external parties like companies. Your main responsibility is to ensure that the association earns enough money to keep running. This is done by maintaining partnerships with companies and looking for new sponsorship opportunities. Additionally, you are in charge of organising career activities such as excursions, lunch/ borrel lectures and case studies. You are also a member on the advisory council for the BetaBusinessDays (BBD). Here you'll make sure the BBD board is carrying out their tasks well and give your input. 

During your year as Business Relations you'll learn a bit more about how the corporate life works and create a network within the chemical industry, which will help you after graduating!

About Dani:

Hey! I'm Dani Wu and this year I'll fulfill the role of Business Relations. I'm 21 years old and from a small town in Groningen called Tolbert. As I'm finishing a few BSc courses this year, I've decided to become a member of the 38th Board of Bernoulli. My hobbies include playing the guitar, photography, cooking and grabbing a drink or two with my friends. I'm looking forward to everything that's coming this year and hope to see you at our activities this year. I'm always down to meet someone over a cup of coffee or a cold beer so don't hesitate to reach out. See you soon!