Top 30

Top 30

Arne Hommes Conductor
Martijn Hazenberg Co-conductor
Jesper Zwart Composer
Paco Visser Choirboy

The Top 30 committee creates the Bernoulli Top 30. This has been a tradition since 2015 and was organized by the GRIR committee the last two years. However, this year a special committee was established for this annual tradition. The version below is the second Top 30 list. It was first introduced when the association turned 30. The idea is based on the annual Radio 2 Top 2000. At Bernoulli, we know what real music is and therefore we decided to create our own list. 

It is now possible to vote for the 2017 edition. You can vote here:

The list below contains the 30 best songs ever made in history. The list is also available on YouTube.


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