Martijn Hazenberg Chairman
Martine Schouten Hoogendijk Member
Maaike Berger Member
Arjan ter Horst Member
Joren De Korte Member

The “Gronings Techonogen Dispuut Bernoulli” is a beautiful society stuffed with hardcore engineers. All their ups and downs are proclaimed thrice a year in the GRIR. The “Groningenieur” (GRIR) is the official periodical magazine of the department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Groningen. A fantastic magazine with a satirical undertone.

The magazine has its fixed items like research reviews, fun topics in science and a puzzle, which keeps the readers fascinated from cover to cover. Because of the humoristic and entertaining approach, it is read a lot by students and professors.

The editors are always searching for new revealing and shocking topics. These can be brought in by externals as well, by emailing:

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