Maaike Berger Chairman
Arjan ter Horst Member
Joren De Korte Member
Tessa Beltman Member
Ilse van der Linden Member

GTD Bernoulli, is a beautiful society stuffed with eccentric engineers. All their interesting ups and downs are proclaimed three times a year in the GRIR. The “Groningenieur” (GRIR) is the official magazine of the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen. An interesting magazine with a fun and satirical undertone.

The magazine has reccuring items like research reviews, fun science topics and puzzles. With these segments we guarantee the readers fascination from cover to cover. Because of the low-threshold and entertaining approach, it is very popular among the students and professors of the faculty.

The editors are always searching for new revealing and shocking topics. These can be brought to the committee's attention by e-mail:

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