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Bernoulli Squash tournament

  • Nov 24, 2019 12:40 - Jun 6, 2020 12:40
  • Social
  • 14 participants
  • Subscription open

Dear Bernoullians, It's finally happening, the 2020 Bernoulli Squash Tournament! The never-ending discussion about who has the best serve, technique and overall game mentality is set to end once and for all with this epic tournament. Participants will play one game a week for a couple of weeks depending on how many players join the competition. Throughout the competition all...

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November GMM

  • Nov 25, 2019 17:30 - 21:30
  • Social

On the 25th of November the second General Members Meeting of this academic year will take place. During the GMM we will discuss any updates and new committees will be installed. 

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Excursion ExxonMobil

  • Dec 5, 2019 06:30 - 20:00
  • Career
  • 18 participants

On Thursday the 5th of December, we will be going to ExxonMobil. Here, we'll be learning about the career opportunities within ExxonMobil and we're going to do a small case study about running a refinery. Saving the best for last, we'll be doing a tour over the site and the control room. After a drink where we'll have the opportunity to socialize with employees working in various...

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