GatherTown Borrel


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Board 2020-2021
Date and time
Jan 29, 2021 20:30 - 22:30

GatherTown Borrel


Gather round people! The End-Of-The-Month drink is back with a twist! This time, we will borrel on the virtual plane in a way you have never seen before. Using advanced leisure-technology, we have digitalized the Lounge - complete with music, games and even members! Sign up and get your borrel expenses refunded! Find up to €5 materialized in your bank account upon sending a receipt of your drinks and snacks. What are you waiting for? Open your laptops, upload your consciousness and borrel the night away!

The event will be organized in For those who don't know it: imagine Habbo Hotel, Zoom and party games had a baby.

See you there!


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