Confidential Person

Our Current Confidential Person (CCP) 

We are committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all our members to thrive and achieve their academic and personal goals. As part of this commitment, we have appointed two confidential persons who are available to assist anyone who needs help outside of their academic problems.

Confidential persons are individuals who can be approached by anyone within the study association, whether they are students, staff, or professors. These individuals have been informed to provide support and guidance to those who are experiencing any form of misconduct or mistreatment within the university. 

The confidential persons serve as a safe point of contact for individuals who may be hesitant to report incidents or problems directly to the relevant authorities. They will listen to your concerns, provide you with the necessary information, and help guide you through the problem, ensuring that your rights and well-being are protected.

The two chosen people are: 

1. Jesse Jongstra ( 

2. Ana Garcia Castillo (

Jesse Jongstra & Ana Garcia Castillo

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