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About BGA

The BGA committee is established to organise a biennial study trip for a group of enthusiastic Bernoulli members. The aim of this trip is to get students acquainted with the chemical industry and universities of a different country and explore its culture.

In order to participate in the study trip, case studies are performed for companies in the Netherlands. The case studies are executed in duos, whereby each student spends 140 hours on the case study during a period of 3 months. After successfully accomplishing the case study each student receives 5 ECTS.

The last BGA trip was in the summer of 2018, to Brazil.

Is there an interesting project within your company that keeps being postponed?

Do you want the potential for the implementation of a new process to be investigated?

Do you want an extensive patent or literature study to be performed?

Or, are you just curious what the state of the art is in your discipline? 

G.T.D. Bernoulli is looking for case studies in order to realize a study trip.

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Bernoulli Goes Abroad 2022

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BGA: Committee members

Bart de Jong Chairman
Jelle Stavenga Treasurer
Mark Eling Secretary/Business relations
Julian Strien Business relations

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