"YER makes ambitions happen, by introducing starters like you to leading organisations. Work, enjoy and use 100% of your potential" 
About YER 
You can choose traineeships and entry-level jobs via YER. We help you find the right match within our mega-network through extensive guidance. From leading international brands to specialised niche organisations: share your ambitions, and we will help you find the ideal job. Would you like to realise your ambitions together with YER? We look forward to meeting you. 
Career opportunities 
Our consultants generally worked in the industry before they started working in recruitment. This means that they know your field like the back of their hand, and they can give you plenty of insider tips, tricks and know-how to increase your chances of getting a job. As a starter on the labour market, we can offer you traineeships and entry-level positions.

  • Traineeships are tracks for learning on the job, where you gain work experience during your education: job-oriented and in terms of soft and business skills. You will also undergo coaching, and learn from fellow trainees'; experiences through peer supervision sessions. We will employ you during your traineeship, and you can count on a good salary and attractive conditions. At the end of the traineeship, 95% of our trainees continue working for the company at which they trained.
  • Entry-level positions from YER are varied, challenging and inspiring. They are a solid starting point for your career. If you want to improve at your job, or want to expand your capabilities, we can offer you extensive guidance through coaching, training sessions, expert advice and more. 

Do you find it useful to receive personal feedback so that you are well prepared for an internship and/or a job? We are here to provide you with personal feedback on your CV.

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